Bringing Your Ideas & Your Community to Life

With our new year of programming, comes a renewed focus on Community.
Community is everything. We come together in cities to live and work. We gather in public places to share in the beauty of what we can create. We sit in theaters together, laughing and sharing emotions. We tap our students into the community and endeavor to steer our communities towards greatness and safety. This year, we are partnering with the Bayside Community Center in Linda Vista to put on quarterly screenings. More importantly, we are holding community animation and filmmaking classes every Thursday from 3pm – 5pm. It all kicks off this Thursday with an open house. Since it is October 30th, we will of course have some trick-or-treat candy for all of our visitors.
These classes are open to all students from 4th grade all the way through college. We want to encourage those who do not have the resources to make the films they envision, to use our resources. Animate A Way will provide all of the tools as well as knowledgeable professionals, so that anyone who joins the class can see their project through.
No one will be turned away. We believe so strongly in the Linda Vista and San Diego community, that if a student comes to our doors desiring to unleash their creativity and vision, we will work with them. We will either find sponsors for each individual student, or students will make films commissioned by Animate A Way. Any student who can pay the classroom fees will be free to make their own film with our guidance. The classes will have a teaching structure, but will largely be focused around hands on steps towards the production of a film; just like we do in our after school classrooms.
We are so excited and proud to be in a position to give even further to the community and we can’t wait to hear all of the wonderful ideas that all of San Diego’s future filmmakers will come up with! Let’s bring your ideas to life.