Our Programs

As part of our efforts to give youth a voice through the media arts, Animate A Way offers an on-going program to train local middle and high school students in digital storytelling and stop-motion animation production. ‘Animate A Way’ is an awesome year-round program in which students learn filmmaking and animation basics alongside domestic violence and social awareness. During weekly 2 hour sessions, students get to create whatever their minds can conjure. As their talents and awareness develops, they create group project public service announcements to combat domestic violence. Animate A Way PSAs are designed to be of the highest quality with the intention to shop them out to film festivals around the world. To watch our PSA’s, visit our YouTube page.

Many of the youth who pass through our core programs discover a passion for filmmaking and animating that they want to continue cultivating. We are proud to offer the opportunity to continue teaching them the art of film and animation production during Summer continuing education opportunities. Examples include a documentary crew of 5 students who made a survivor story in partnership with the San Diego Family Justice Center. This program helps facilitate a students desire to explore the world of production, acting and post-production.

Stop-motion is a difficult medium, but as educators and professionals, we can effectively teach any student everything they need to know in one week to make a quality stop-motion production. The proof of this is in our 1 week workshops. So far they have been offered only to grade school students, but with 4 hours a day, for 5 days, each students walks away with a finished production, a whole new set of creative tools and an awesome experience. To sign up your child or inquire about future workshops for adults or youth of all ages, send us an email.

Throughout the year, we seek opportunities to collaborate with businesses, groups, schools and community organizations to present creative work in the genres of animation and anime. Examples of community film screenings could be at your local library or your favorite space. For more information about this program or to set up a screening at your venue, please send an email to [email protected].

Each year Animate A Way partners with the Museum of Photographic arts to put on stop motion camps for elementary aged students. There are typically two weeks of camp. One is for students in grades 1-3 and another is for those in grades 4-6. It is a fun and exciting time, full of games and so much learning. Check the MoPA website for current camp offers.