Donate and Support Animate A Way

We have proudly provided our program free of cost to students and schools since our founding in 2012. It is part of our mission to provide a free-of-cost, creative outlet that can better our communities. We are a 100% grant and donor funded non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If you feel compelled to help us in our work, please consider donating.
We believe that all non-profits have a duty of full transparency to the people, communities and donors that they serve. When we put our focus and attention on the students and future that we are working towards, then the rewards are plentiful. To this end, all interested donors can also get our IRS filed information at Guide Star.

Ways to Give:

Paypal – Send to [email protected]
Venmo – Send to @Animate-Away
Checks – Made payable to ‘Animate A Way,’ sent to 5170 Catoctin Dr. San Diego, CA 92115
Debit or Credit – Currently in person only with transaction swipers that we carry with us