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A message from the new Executive Director of Animate A Way:

This humble organization, after school program and social change initiative has been an officially recognized 501(c)(3) non profit for 3 years now. Founded 5 years ago, all of us who have served the Animate A Way mission have learned a lot along the way. As I step back in to lead, I am reflecting on all of those lessons: How best to serve underprivileged communities, how best to teach students about the necessities of social change and how to make awesome animations. Along with the help of a very supportive board of directors, we are setting about to create new curriculums, increase transparency and promote the future leaders of our communities and their voices. We are currently in a state of rebuilding. The mission, intent and content of the org is staying in tact, but with leadership changes, we are taking advantage of the time to strengthen the bones of the organization’s functioning.

In this week of Thanksgiving and with the cheer of the holidays around the corner, we wish everyone the absolute best. We are thankful for healthy communities and strong youth voices. Let’s do great things in 2018!
All the best,
Steven Topham